Hi ! We’re Hotelreplies.com

Hotel Replies is a free online tool deceptively simple and easy to use for helping Hoteliers to reply to reviews.

More specifically:

  • To create replies for hotel reviews with the fewest possible clicks
  • To explore ready to use Pre-built Replies and special replies


Hotelreplies.com vs Common canned replies

Here in hotelreplies.com we believe that nothing can replace an authentic reply from the hotelier, hotel manager, guest relation manager etc… Unfortunately, due to time pressures and the endless working hours in hotel industry, we often led to common canned replies on guest’s reviews or even worst none replying at all. By using hotelreplies.com you can easily get ideas and inspiration on how to use different expressions in your replies.

We prepared also pre-built replies for hurried users and many special replies for them most common comments.


ΗotelReplies.com is useful

By creating the most helpful and easy to use information’s site, we will inspire and save time to every hotel manager, guest relations and all those who managing online reviews in hotels


Why should you choose HotelReplies.com

Because we put our best into giving you the most helpful how-to reply reviews information’s on the Internet.


Our Story

We know how to reply to hotel guests. In fact, we work in the tourism industry.

It all starts with why…

After countless hours of talking and listening guests, responding to countless reviews, serving tourism from different places as guest services, front and back offices we realized  2 major issues: we were wasting valuable time in responding to a comment and  most of the replies was Canned Replies, something that the Guest can easily understand and frustrate.

We gathered our knowledge and we were looking for a simple and understandable way to share that. We have finally arrived in June 2020 to accomplish our mission.