Regarding your comment about taking pictures, I would like to kindly inform you that as our valuable guests are the ambassadors of this property, sharing their experiences via photography or similar communication tools are one of the most important ways of inspiring travelers. Therefore I am happy to inform you that our hotel guests are always very much welcomed to take pictures to share their experiences by taking guest privacy into consideration.

Regarding your comment that we did not allow you to enter to our premises, please kindly note that our Security Associates have followed the procedure and our policy for non-residents.

Regarding your comment about hotel procedures, please note that during high season and with high occupancies our main priority is the safety and privacy of our guests. Thank you for your understanding.

I understand your dissapoitment regarding the room service whilst wishing to put your baby to sleep It is a common practice to do room surprises around 21.00 as lunch time is usually the time that most guests enjoy the the beach or the main swimming pool.